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Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2022
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
Subsequent Events NOTE 14 – SUBSEQUENT EVENTS

SUNation Acquisition

On November 9, 2022, the Company entered into a Transaction Agreement (the “Transaction Agreement”) with Solar Merger Sub, LLC, a New York limited liability company and wholly owned subsidiary of the Company (“Merger Sub”), Scott Maskin, James Brennan, Scott Sousa and Brian Karp (collectively, the “Sellers”), and Scott Maskin as representative of each seller, pursuant to which the Company directly or indirectly acquired all of the issued and outstanding equity of SUNation Solar Systems, Inc. and five of its affiliated entities: SUNation Commercial, Inc., SUNation Service, Inc., SUNation Electric, Inc., SUNation Energy, LLC, and SUNation Roofing, LLC (collectively, the “Acquired Companies”). Each of SUNation Service, Inc. and SUNation Electric, Inc. were acquired through a merger with and into Merger Sub, with Merger Sub surviving each merger, pursuant to a Plan of Merger, dated as of November 9, 2022 (the “Plan of Merger”). The mergers closed contemporaneously with signing the Transaction Agreement. This acquisition was a further expansion in the residential and commercial solar markets and fits into the Company’s overall acquisition growth plan as it looks to expand further through the acquisition of regional residential solar companies and energy technology solution providers.


The Company acquired the equity of the Acquired Companies from Sellers for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $21.9 million, comprised of (a) $2.39 million in cash consideration paid at closing, (b) the issuance at closing of a $5.0 million Short-Term Limited Recourse Secured Promissory Note (the “Short-Term Note”), (c) the issuance at closing of a $5,486,000 Long-Term Promissory Note (the “Long-Term Note”), (d) the issuance at closing of an aggregate of 1,480,000 shares (the “Shares”) of Company common stock pursuant to the Plan of Merger, and (e) potential earn-out payments of up to $2.5 million for each of fiscal years 2023 and 2024, based on the percentage of year-over-year EBITDA growth of the Acquired Companies, as set forth in the Transaction Agreement (the “Earnout”).

The Short-Term Note is secured as described below and matures on August 9, 2023. It carries an annual interest rate of 4% until the three-month anniversary of issuance, 8% thereafter until the six-month anniversary of issuance, then 12% thereafter until the Short-Term Note is paid in full. The Long-Term Note is unsecured and matures on November 9, 2025. It carries an annual interest rate of 4% until the first anniversary of issuance, then 8% thereafter until the Long-Term Note is paid in full. The Company will be required to make a principal payment of $2.5 million on the second anniversary of the Long-Term Note. Both the Short-Term Note and Long-Term Note may be prepaid at the Company’s option at any time without penalty.

Pursuant to a Limited Pledge and Security Agreement among the Company and Sellers, dated November 9, 2022 (the “Pledge Agreement”), the Short-Term Note is secured by a pledge by the Company and Merger Sub of the equity of the Acquired Companies purchased under the Transaction Agreement. While the Short-Term Note remains outstanding, the Company also agrees to certain negative covenants with respect to the operation of the Acquired Companies, including limits on distributions, the incurrence of indebtedness, imposition of liens, and sales of assets outside the ordinary course of business. If Sellers exercise their remedies under the Pledge Agreement (due to an event of default by the Company under the Short-Term Note or the Pledge Agreement), Sellers would be able recover the pledged equity of the Acquired Companies and the Company’s remaining obligations under the Short-Term Note and the Long-Term Note would be cancelled in their entirety and would be of no further force and effect. The Company’s obligations to make any Earnout payment under the Transaction Agreement would also be terminated. The Pledge Agreement will automatically terminate upon the payment of all amounts due under the Short-Term Note.

As a result of the timing of the acquisition in proximity to the filing date, not all disclosures as required under ASC 805 are presented herein (including a preliminary purchase price allocation and certain pro-forma information) as the initial accounting for the business combination is incomplete at the time the financial statements were issued.

PIPE Investment Reset

Following market close on November 9, 2022, the Company also entered into a separate Consent, Waiver and Amendment with each of the Company’s existing PIPE Investors whereby these investors provided certain waivers to the anti-dilution protections that reset the conversion price of the Convertible Preferred Stock to $4.00 and reset the strike price on certain of the PIPE Warrants to $4.00 from $13.60. Following the adjustments, the Company’s $32 million of Convertible Preferred Stock preference is currently convertible into approximately 8.0 million shares of common stock at $4.00 per share and the PIPE Investors hold PIPE Warrants to purchase approximately 4.0 million shares of common stock at $4.00 per share and PIPE Warrants to purchase approximately 1.2 million shares of common stock at $13.60 per share. The conversion price of the Convertible Preferred Stock and the conversion price of the PIPE Warrants and the number of shares issuable upon exercise of the PIPE Warrants continue to be subject to further adjustment in accordance with their terms.