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Nature of Operations

Nature of Operations
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2023
Nature of Operations [Abstract]  
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Description of Business


Pineapple Energy Inc. (formerly Communications Systems, Inc. and Pineapple Holdings, Inc.) (“PEGY”, “Pineapple”, “we”, “our”, “us” or the “Company”), was originally organized as a Minnesota corporation in 1969. On March 28, 2022, the Company completed its previously announced merger transaction with Pineapple Energy LLC (“Pineapple Energy”) in accordance with the terms of that certain Agreement and Plan of Merger dated March 1, 2021, as amended by an Amendment No. 1 to Merger Agreement dated December 16, 2021 (collectively the “merger agreement”), by and among the Company, Helios Merger Co., a Delaware corporation and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company (the “Merger Sub”), Pineapple Energy LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, Lake Street Solar LLC as the Members’ Representative, and Randall D. Sampson as the Shareholders’ Representative, pursuant to which Merger Sub merged with and into Pineapple Energy, with Pineapple Energy surviving the merger as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company (the “merger”). Following the closing of the merger (the “Closing”) the Company changed its name from Communications Systems, Inc. to Pineapple Holdings, Inc. and commenced doing business using the Pineapple name, and subsequently, on April 13, 2022, changed its name to Pineapple Energy Inc.

In addition, on March 28, 2022 and immediately prior to the closing of the merger, Pineapple Energy completed its acquisition (“HEC Asset Acquisition”) of substantially all of the assets of two Hawaii-based solar energy companies, Hawaii Energy Connection, LLC (“HEC”) and E-Gear, LLC (“E-Gear”).


On November 9, 2022, the Company entered into a Transaction Agreement (the “Transaction Agreement”) with Solar Merger Sub, LLC, a New York limited liability company and wholly owned subsidiary of the Company (“Solar Merger Sub”), Scott Maskin, James Brennan, Scott Sousa and Brian Karp (collectively, the “Sellers”), and Scott Maskin as representative of each seller, pursuant to which the Company directly or indirectly acquired all of the issued and outstanding equity of SUNation Solar Systems, Inc. and five of its affiliated entities: SUNation Commercial, Inc., SUNation Service, Inc., SUNation Electric, Inc., SUNation Energy, LLC, and SUNation Roofing, LLC (collectively, “SUNation”). Each of SUNation Service, Inc. and SUNation Electric, Inc. were acquired through a merger with and into Solar Merger Sub, with Solar Merger Sub surviving each merger, pursuant to a Plan of Merger, dated as of November 9, 2022 (the “Plan of Merger”). The mergers closed contemporaneously with signing the Transaction Agreement (“SUNation Acquisition”). This acquisition was a further expansion in the residential and commercial solar markets and fits into the Company’s overall acquisition growth plan as it looks to expand further through the acquisition of regional residential solar companies and energy technology solution providers.


The Company is a growing domestic operator and consolidator of residential solar, battery storage, and grid services solutions. Our strategy is focused on acquiring, integrating, and growing leading local and regional solar, storage, and energy services companies nationwide.  

Pineapple today is primarily engaged in the sale, design, and installation of photovoltaic solar energy systems and battery storage systems through its Hawaii-based HEC and New York-based SUNation entities. We install systems that provide clean, reliable solar energy typically at savings relative to traditional utility offerings. Our primary customers are residential homeowners. We also provide solar energy systems to commercial owners and other municipal customers.  

Through its E-Gear business, Pineapple also develops, manufactures, and sells patented edge-of-grid energy management software and hardware technology, such as energy management control devices. These products allow homeowners to get the most out of their installed photovoltaic solar energy systems and utility grid support benefits. Our primary customers for this technology are energy services companies and other utilities. 

Pursuant to the merger agreement, the Company is working to divest its legacy operations and operating assets. The Company is actively pursuing the sale of its JDL Technologies, Inc. (“JDL”) and Ecessa Corporation (“Ecessa”)

businesses and has met the criteria to report the operations of these businesses as discontinued operations. See Note 7, Discontinued Operations. As a result, unless otherwise noted, all information in this Form 10-Q related to the JDL and Ecessa businesses are discussed and presented as discontinued operations and the Company reports its remaining business operations as continuing operations.